A Note from Brother Ken

Trinity Members,

On Saturday (11-14-20), a person was in the church who had tested positive for COVID.  To be cautious, we made the decision to shut down all activities in the church on Sunday.  Our primary concern is for the individual to stay well and not suffer any negative effects from COVID as well as making sure we do not have a spread within the church family.  


I contacted SERVPRO yesterday (Sunday) afternoon  to request having the building disinfected for any emerging viral pathogens (including Coronavirus).  SERVPRO is currently fogging the Family Life Center, kitchen, Fellowship room, hallway, bathrooms in both halls, sanctuary and bathrooms with an EPA-registered disinfectant approved for SARS-COV-2. We are not allowing anyone to be in these rooms for the rest of the day as per SERVPRO’s recommendation.  Ola will be in tomorrow (Tuesday) to wipe down every doorknob, handle, surface as has been her protocol each week.  We want to make sure we take every precaution available to have a safe, healthy environment for our place of worship.


Please remember, masks are mandatory for worship on Sundays.  Your view/concern for COVID needs to be held against the concern others who have pre-existing conditions.  This is part of the “our-ness” we have as a church family.  If you have been exposed to COVID, please follow a 14 day quarantine for the welfare of others.


Continue to pray for those struggling with the illness and concerns of living in this season of COVID.

Bro. Ken